GMBA Association in Japan

GMBA日本人会では、主に日本在住のGMBA卒業生・在校生向けに定期的な交流会やクローズドFacebookページでの情報交換の場を設けております。日本在住の卒業生・在校生の方はこちらのGoogle Formからご連絡ください。後日メール宛にFacebookグループへの招待リンクをお送りいたします。


GMBA Japanese Association provides regular networking events and a closed Facebook page for information exchange mainly for graduates and current students residing in Japan. If you are a graduate or current student living in Japan, please contact us from the Google Form. Later the admin will reply to your email address with an invitation to the Facebook group.

*Also welcome to GMBA alumnit/students who reside outside Japan and frequently return to Japan, as well as those who are interested in information within Japan.
*This Facebook group is limited to GMBA graduates and current students.

Next event schedule:
Late August 2024 @Tokyo (TBA)

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